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Aline vs. Eldermark: An End-to-End Software Solution

Discover why Aline is the best senior living software option.

Amanda McGrory-Dixon, 15th May 2024

You need the right operating software to effectively serve a senior living community. Delivering high-quality care and running efficient operations calls for a software platform that’s easy to use, won’t disrupt your team, and offers solutions to everything from resident care to sales and marketing. Aline and Eldermark are two popular options because they meet and exceed all these needs.

Both operating systems come with strengths and weaknesses that are better suited for different communities. However, choosing the wrong software can be costly, time-consuming, and detrimental to resident care. 

Here, we’ll compare Aline and Eldermark to see how these senior living operating systems stack up.

Aline vs. Eldermark Comparison Chart

In a head-to-head comparison, Aline ties or beats Eldermark in almost every category that matters to senior living owners and operators.

Aline Eldermark Winner
Integrations Over 100 29 Aline
Support/Customer Service 24 hr availability Limited availability Aline
Ease of use On demand training Training modules Aline
Security Tie
Customization capability Tie
User experience Seamless UX Complicated UI Aline
Mobile App Basic Mobile App Advanced Mobile App Eldermark
Scalability Tie
Compliance Tie


Aline is a comprehensive senior living operating system that serves more than 5,700 senior living and post-acute communities. This end-to-end software suite includes sales and marketing, operations, accounting and billing, and resident care and engagement. 

Some of Aline’s features include:

  • Integrated CRM to connect all touchpoints of your business.
  • Lead qualification and management.
  • Online leasing, billing, and payments support.
  • Resident profiles, assessments, incident reports, and automated service plans.
  • Operational performance and reporting. 

Ninety-one percent of Aline’s development team have worked in the senior living sector. They specifically designed Aline with senior living in mind, aiming to make this connected suite address the many complexities and constituents that are included in the senior living ecosystem.

The result is one connected suite that brings together all stakeholders, data, communication, and insights.

Aline is the best assisted living software for mid-size to very large communities that prioritize independent living, assisted living, memory care, long-term care and post-acute care. It’s the best senior living software for delivering exceptional resident and user experiences at scale and improving profitability from productivity gains and deep data insights.

Multiple customization options help you seamlessly merge this suite with your existing workflows. Built by leaders in the senior living industry, Aline’s solutions currently have more than 100 integrations, which enable you to extend your workflows with your other favorite apps.

Aline is designed to be simple to use with automated workflows and an easy-to-follow interface that simplifies the user experience.  New users can be trained quickly with online training courses, and virtual and on-site training options are also available.


Eldermark is a senior living software platform with solutions in many areas, from sales and marketing to nursing administration. The Eldermark team consists of nurses, senior living operators, and IT professionals.

Eldermark offers solutions for:

  • Operators.
  • Management companies.
  • Sales and marketing.
  • Nursing administration.
  • Activity directors. 

Eldermark is best for senior living operators who need analytics data to help them make informed decisions. ElderSmart’s Analytics and Insights helps operators gain an overview of their communities. Information on net care revenue and care concessions is made easily accessible with this platform.

While Eldermark’s products aren’t web-based, its server-based products are secure. In-person training opportunities aren’t available, though the platform offers training modules. Finding residents or clients in databases can be challenging, but the POC app helps mitigate this pain point.

Aline Supports Every Stage of the Senior Living Resident Life Cycle

With Aline’s comprehensive solutions and integrations, this software suite helps senior living communities with every step of the resident life cycle. Aline’s marketing software allows you to create customizable marketing campaigns to increase outreach.

Powerful resident engagement tools include:

  • Activity scheduling. 
  • Communication with families.
  • Personalized care planning.
  • Fostering an engaging and supportive resident environment.

When your residents are ready to move out, this suite’s data-sharing capabilities also simplify the process. Aline is easy to use, poses little risk of your data being compromised, and all its software communicates effectively. 

Aline Allows You To Focus on Being a Compassionate Caregiver, Not a Data Collector

The more time your team has to spend on administrative tasks, the less attention and care they can provide to your community. Aline’s resident care software features easily accessible resident care profiles, plus a family and resident engagement app to foster connectivity in your community.

Overall, Aline’s resident care software improves:

  • Productivity.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Resident care and safety.
  • Resident satisfaction.

Aline Is Built by Senior Living Leaders for Senior Living Leaders

Aline is the brainchild of three prominent senior living companies: Enquire, Gennis, and Sherpa. All three organizations had years of experience working with senior living communities before coming together in 2023 to provide a one-of-a-kind solution.

As a result, Aline’s leadership team is filled with experts who have more than 20 years of experience in the senior living industry. They understand common pain points that senior living operators face, and they’ve built a software solution to address these issues. They also understand how busy onsite staff are and design solutions that deliver an exceptional user experience.

People who choose Aline benefit from the combined expertise of its leadership and software teams. 

Aline’s Contact Center Ensures You Never Miss a Lead

Keeping up with every potential resident is challenging for even the most experienced operators. Aline’s Contact Center supports your community with a team of experts who answer inbound calls, follow up with potential leads, and address questions via live chat.

If potential residents have any questions about your community, the Contact Center handles their queries while your senior living staff prioritizes prospect tours and home visits, and the needs of your current residents.

Streamline Your Software Needs With Aline

When comparing Aline vs. Eldermark, it’s clear that both programs have great functionality and offer a wealth of intuitive solutions. However, Aline edges out Eldermark by being the more modern and user-friendly software suite. Aline also incorporates AI, prospective lead scoring and continual product enhancements to meet and exceed current and future industry needs. 

Aline offers a simple user experience with the flexibility to customize your business processes, helping it stand out from Eldermark in its ability to support mid-to-large-size senior communities.

Moreover, the expertise and resources that Aline’s leadership team brings to the table is invaluable to communities with a large resident base. A software suite that streamlines outreach and data collection might be ideal for your organization.

Book a demo to see how Aline can streamline your community’s operations firsthand. 

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