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Aline integrates with your systems with ease.

Our integration teams are devoted to forming new software partnerships and optimizing those we currently have. From internal-facing platforms such as financials or resident care, to external offerings like marketing automation, we work out the legal and technical to make setting up your workflow as painless as possible. That means one point of contact with all the support you’ll need to get started.

Here’s a list of common apps and platforms that play well with Aline:

Stay fully compliant and stress-free.

Today’s digital landscape means endless possibilities, but also complex security risks and threats. Data security is an absolute top priority for our teams and we meet rigorous established standards for safe data handling.


We’re adding new integration partners all the time and their fees vary by partner. The process begins with a request from you as an Aline customer. We’ll evaluate and assess how to best make your software-of-choice work with the greater ecosystem before taking next steps. We will also help you understand any potential costs during our initial integration planning.

Company website integrations are common, particularly for the CRM. They are an easy way to have form fills or other inquiries from your website(s) be pushed to the CRM automatically.

It usually only takes a day or two to connect with existing integrations. Requests for a new integration can take longer depending on complexity. We’ll offer an idea of your integration timeline during our planning discussion.

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