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Sales software and training that’s built for the task.

Sales enablement that propels your business forward.

Aline’s senior living sales software and training is second to none in helping operators build and maintain a high-performing sales culture.

Get proactive with prospect engagements and outcomes to improve your sales performance across the board.

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Sherpa by Aline

Senior living sales training and enablement programs

Sherpa by Aline combines a proven methodology with training programs and reporting tools that reliably and consistently improve your sales performance. 

Our approach focuses on improving the key skill senior living sales teams need to be successful: an ability to help prospects navigate change. 

The result? Conversion rates accelerate while your team builds an empathic, high-performing sales culture resistant to staff turnover or unwelcome performance dips.

Key features

  • The Prospect-Centered Selling® methodology with virtual or in-person training that guides your team through an optimized sales process that improves conversions 
  • Expert leadership training that supports senior living sales leaders on how to coach and mentor their sales teams on the most valuable activities and metrics
  • A sales enablement platform with business intelligence tools designed to make your sales data accessible, meaningful and actionable
  • Unique metrics and KPIs that focus on the most meaningful data points in the Prospect-Centered Selling methodology

The backbone of your senior living sales success.

Getting the best out of your sales process and team culture takes more than just shiny tech — it takes a thoughtful approach that compounds over time. Prospect-Centered Selling® (PCS) gives you a comprehensive set of proven methodologies and metrics designed specifically for senior living sales. 

Prospect-Centered Selling focuses on facilitating readiness for change rather than treating prospects as rows on a spreadsheet. Help your teams take a real, authentic approach to cultivating relationships with prospective residents and learn the small steps that have the most impact on your sales success.

In-Person Training

You don’t need to be an Aline customer to transform your sales performance through Prospect-Centered Selling. Build on your sales culture with hands-on sales training tailored to your organization and at a location of your choice.

Virtual Classroom: PCS Fundamentals

Open to Aline customer and non-users alike, these online sessions are live and led by experts in Prospect-Centered Selling techniques.

  • Brainstorm with other sales professionals around best practices
  • Explore proven strategies that focus on empathy and trust-building
  • Get to know what to measure and how to make advances
  • Develop next steps and key goals to increase results


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Virtual Classroom: PCS Leadership (for clients)

Made up of five 90-minute online sessions led by senior living sales experts, your sales leaders will learn to coach and mentor the sales behaviors that lead to higher conversions and better results.

As a part of the five-day series, sales leaders will have the opportunity to:

  • Align sales metrics, goals and communication in a way that complements your operational sales culture
  • Use Sherpa Analytics to identify coaching and sales opportunities
  • Empower your sales teams to use PCS fundamentals to build stronger relationships with prospects and convert more higher-functioning, happier residents

On-demand learning (for clients)

With our e-learning courses, you can train the skills of your senior living sales teams whenever, from wherever. Re-connect your team with the essential importance of relationships in sales, start new employees off on the right foot, and sharpen up skills across the board.

Research shows that teams trained on the fundamentals of Prospect-Centered Selling generate more effective sales, with impact that lasts over the long haul.

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Aline’s sales solutions work for companies of all sizes. Our software tools and training are effective whether you’re managing a single roof or thousands.

PCS is a strategy that focuses on facilitating readiness for change rather than counting call-outs and tours. By cultivating relationships with prospective residents and inspiring change through small yet highly impactful advances, this methodology is proven to increase conversions and occupancy for those who use it.

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