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Empower Your Senior Living Billing & Leasing Operations

Aline enables you to manage rates, streamline your leasing process and effectively manage revenue by connecting  all the revenue touchpoints of your operation.

Census Management

Better understand and manage  your  census with real-time visibility into occupancy, scheduled move-in and move-outs, vacant inventory, and apartment pricing.

Rate Management

Respond to market conditions utilizing real-time data for better apartment pricing decision making, and reduce revenue loss with centralized controls and workflow approvals around all aspects of revenue management.

Resident Billing

Resident bills are automatically updated  based on changes and additions to care services so you can capture revenue associated with service/cost creep. The system reconciles the account immediately based on the effective date, so all historical and future billing are accurate, including late fees and annual rate increases.

Medicaid Reimbursements

The Medicaid manager allows you to easily manage Medicaid reimbursements and subsequent resident billing. Resident bills automatically update to accurately reflect changes to care services  and the system tracks amounts owed by all the responsible parties in one consolidated view.

In-App Resident Payments

Improve cash flow and reduce delinquencies with our in-app payments solution that allow you to initiate one-time payments and deposits and schedule recurring payments on behalf of residents and responsible parties. From electronic statement delivery to automated payments for rent and ancillary charges via ACH or echeck, save time with a streamlined process that settles funds as fast as 24 hours.

Digital Lease Templates

Streamline the move-in process with customized digital lease forms and state-required documents that are auto-populated with information transferred from Aline Sales. The system combines each document into a single PDF for ease of printing. Leases can be printed and signed on paper or reviewed digitally and completed with an eSignature.

Document Management

Secure online document storage centralizes resident information, making it easy to access leasing, billing, and care documents. Aline creates a unique barcode for each resident that auto populates on each document. Scanned and uploaded documents automatically attach to the resident record for secure storage.

Benefits Of Aline Leasing, Billing and Payments Software

Maximize Revenue

Capture changes to service plans, late fees, and annual increases in real-time. Boost cash flow with in-app payment processing. Pre-approve special rental rates and discounts.


Increase Efficiency

Digital leases, forms, and DocuSign save your staff time. Instead of spending time on paperwork, they can cultivate relationships with residents and families.


Improve Oversight

Make data driven decision with real-time visibility into census activity, vacant inventory, and pricing. Reports can be customized to one building or multi-building portfolio.


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