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Turn insight into performance-boosting action.

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Break Down Data Silos

Aline unifies data from across your organization, enabling your teams to easily assess your financial, operational, and resident care performance, all within a single platform. It’s the visibility your business needs for accelerated, smart decision-making.

Unlock the Power of Your Biggest Asset

Unlock and connect all your data from anywhere at any time. Teams can collaborate and bring real-time insights into every decision relying on one data source that’s continually updated and presented in a user-friendly format.

Explore and Compare Data

Segment and filter data the way you need it across the period you specify. Get valuable insight into performance by isolating or comparing entities by portfolio, division, region, facility, service type, room type, and more.

Track the metrics that matter

Easily track and analyze the KPIs that drive your success. Choose from more than 100 built-in reports with the flexibility to adjust and filter information the way you need it. Data can be visualized into dashboards, charts, graphs, leaderboards, scorecards, and other formats that are easy-to-read and understand. Easily drill down into the detail for a deeper analysis to quickly find answers, uncover hidden opportunities, and improve day-to-day performance.

Turn insight into action

Aline empowers your teams with the data to explore trends, solve problems, pinpoint risk, and maximize opportunities across every facet of your organization.

Empower Teams

From day-to-day operations to longer-term planning, your teams have the information and context to monitor and improve performance.


Improve Results

Improve outcomes in every facet of your business with faster decision-making based on verified data and insights.


Drive Performance

Real-time answers and insights enable you to minimize risk, improve efficiency, gain a competitive advantage, and increase revenue.


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