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Referral management that improves conversions.

Aline is your comprehensive home health and home care software solution — weaving together the key aspects of referral capture and tracking, relationship management, sales, and marketing for both home care and home health providers.

Experience the power of intuitive home care software solutions designed to make management a seamless experience by consolidating referrals into one system.

Support and streamline the entire pre-care process, deploy your sales resources in an optimized way, and manage all of your relationships in a shared, easy-to-use platform.

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Better care through better operations

When it comes to referral intake, every byte of data crunched in the pursuit of optimized conversions is wasted if it’s not built around understanding prospects and their needs. The world’s leading home care and home health providers lean heavily on their CRMs for good reason — you can’t maximize conversions and increase census without managing relationships. 

A well-implemented CRM is more than just a database or a scheduling tool; it’s the operational core that captures and accurately tracks referrals for truly personalized engagement. Contact Center and Marketing Automation take it further in understanding the preferences, needs, and history of each client, for delivery of a care experience that’s as unique as the individuals themselves.

Our Home Care Solutions

Enquire CRM by Aline

Leading home health and home care sales software

Enquire by Aline is a CRM that’s designed to ideally support your home care and home health intake teams in enhancing service sales cycles, optimizing client conversion rates, and providing straightforward reporting on the full client relationship journey within the home care sector.

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Key features

  • A best-in-class assisted living sales CRM for sales professionals who value simplicity and ease of use
  • A singular, connected view of prospect and client data that eliminates the CRM <> Occupancy gap
  • Fully customizable terminology, and workflows to standardize your sales process
  • Cost-per-lead tracking
  • Can connect directly to hospital systems via an eReferral engine and eFax reader. With direct connection to AllScripts, Navihealth, Epic and more organizations can capture all referrals real-time
  • Integrated messaging capabilities with click to call, text, and email functionality
  • Competitive insights to help you stay on top of home care market data
  • Full-featured mobile app
  • Customizable reports to track outreach efforts, referrals, admits, move-ins and expenses
  • Seamless data integration with our Contact Center

Contact Center

Home care sales software and support services

Never miss a referral. Our contact center ensures your team captures every valuable chance when it comes to building relationships with potential clients.

Our dedicated contact center representatives integrate smoothly into your communication approach, seamlessly acting as an extension of your team. They can handle both incoming calls and cold outreach — allowing your intake team to concentrate on the potential clients that require the most care and attention.

Every interaction is perfectly synced within your CRM, maintaining a consistent flow of client information from the initial contact, to the start of home care services, and beyond.

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Key features

  • An expert response team dedicated to your organization providing coverage for inbound calls and cold/stalled outreach
  • Timely follow-up cadences geared to seize and progress opportunities
  • Live chat capabilities for prospects visiting your website
  • Seamless integration with the Enquire CRM, by Aline
  • Prospect-Centered® workflows, scripts and programs in support of clients using Sherpa, by Aline

Marketing Automation

Home care marketing software

Get proactive with your outreach efforts with our home care marketing software — specifically designed to handle the unique demands of the home care sector.

Quickly add new clients and keep your team on the same page with a single source of client data that covers everything — from the first hello to the start of care and all that follows.

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Key features

  • Custom marketing campaign functionality completely optimized for home care
  • Automated, multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Complete contact management organized by category or segment
  • Robust email campaign functionality with full reporting transparency
  • Real-time, shareable dashboards

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