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Our trained team supports your first contact and cold outreach.

Never miss another lead.

Harness the power of our senior living contact center to capture every possible lead.

Our knowledgeable, dedicated team answers inbound calls, allowing your team to zero in on prospects with the highest potential.

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Contact Center

Aline’s senior living sales software and support services

Our Contact Center team adopts your organization’s sales culture and supports a seamless experience from first touch to closed  sale. These dedicated professionals handle inbound calls and cold outreach, giving your team the time needed to make advances and generate move-ins with existing prospects.

Did we mention Contact Center is fully integrated with your CRM? Explore the power of automated workflows and real-time reports.

Key features

  • A dedicated expert team supports your organization providing coverage for inbound calls and cold/stalled outreach
  • Timely follow-up cadences geared to seize and progress opportunities
  • Live chat capabilities for prospects visiting your website to provide immediate support and tour scheduling
  • Seamless integration with Enquire CRM by Aline
  • Prospect-Centered Selling® workflows, scripts and programs in support of clients using Sherpa by Aline
  • Available after hours and weekends

A virtual extension of your Sales team.

Our team conducts deep discovery into your sales process to be able to handle incoming calls for your communities to support your processes and ensure a consistent experience from first call to move-in. We also take care of outbound follow-ups to web inquiries, referrals, and leads that might have stagnated or turned cold.

This frees up your team to pursue leads with the highest potential and nurture relationships where some extra attention will have the most impact.

Automated, seamless integration.

With our contact center services, any relevant activity is always logged directly within your CRM and phone system. All of our processes are entirely customized to fit your team structure, your sales culture and your workflows.

With a focus on speed, our call cadence is designed to follow-up with opportunities before your competition. The results? Proven conversion results.


Real-time notifications alert your onsite teams of new prospects and scheduled appointments through the Aline CRM app.​

Clients using our Contact Center experience a 30%+ average increase in conversion rate and a 45% average reduction in paid referral fees.

Reduce paid referral fees and never miss an inquiry with automated workflows and dedicated personnel that capture every lead faster and ensure immediate follow-up.

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