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Elevate your skilled nursing care experience.

Skilled nursing software

Aline is your comprehensive, easy-to-use skilled nursing software solution, designed to help your teams elevate your referral management and marketing outreach.

Streamline your intake processing with an automated notification-based system that allows for smooth, seamless workflows. Align your teams and deliver the kind of experience that your residents deserve.

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The art of outstanding referral management


For skilled nursing facility operators, every referral is an endorsement of trust, a vote of confidence, a testament to a facility’s ability to deliver superior care, healing, and hope. It’s more than just a means of ensuring a steady stream of patients — effective referral management also builds relationships in service of better patient outcomes.

But great referral management is also about analytics, tracking, and feedback. It offers invaluable insights about the facility’s performance, identifies bottlenecks, improves efficiency, and uncovers opportunities for enhancing the patient experience.

When handled well, referral management is more than just an organizational function — it’s a lifeline. Learn more about Aline’s range of skilled nursing software solutions below.


Our skilled nursing solutions

Enquire CRM by Aline

Skilled nursing sales software

Enquire CRM by Aline optimizes your referral management while empowering your teams to reduce patient admission times, optimize occupancy rates, and automatically aggregate all referrals in one place — allowing for quick responses, reduction of data entry and the ability to capture the outcome of every referral.

Instead of spending a vast amount of time qualifying and disqualifying potential patients, sort through them efficiently and accurately with our automatic data sorting algorithms.

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Key features

  • A best-in-class skilled nursing sales CRM for sales professionals to increase the speed of the pre-admission process
  • Connects directly to hospital systems via an eReferral engine and eFax reader. With direct connection to AllScripts, Navihealth, Epic and more organizations can capture all referrals real-time
  • Captures the full patient profile so no vital details are missed
  • Integrates with insurance verification systems to verify a patient’s eligibility
  • Configurable workflows to create activities, update fields and advance prospects
  • Integrated messaging capabilities with automated logging and speech-to-text functionality
  • Full-featured mobile app
  • Customizable reports to track outreach efforts, referrals, admits, move-ins and expenses

Marketing Automation

Skilled nursing marketing software

Elevate your skilled nursing facility with our marketing automation software, designed from the ground up to address the unique challenges of the skilled nursing industry.

Reduce readmissions and boost engagement with referral partners through better referral management.

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Key features

  • Custom marketing campaign functionality completely optimized for skilled nursing
  • Track exact market sources of referrals through integration with Enquire CRM.
  • Complete contact management organized by category or segment
  • Robust email campaign functionality with full reporting transparency
  • Real-time, shareable dashboards

Contact Center

Skilled nursing sales support

Enquire Contact Center is specialized in skilled nursing. Our dedicated teams assist thousands of providers across the country with lead management, cold outreach and incoming calls — so your teams can focus on the potential residents that need the most care and attention.

Every interaction is perfectly synced within your CRM, maintaining a consistent flow of client information from the initial contact, to the start of your skilled nursing services, and beyond.

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Key features

  • An expert response team dedicated to your organization providing coverage for inbound calls and cold/stalled outreach
  • Timely follow-up cadences geared to seize and progress opportunities
  • Live chat capabilities for prospects visiting your website
  • Web form and referral response
  • Post-discharge follow-up
  • Seamless integration with Enquire CRM by Aline
  • Prospect-Centered® workflows, scripts and programs in support of clients using Sherpa, by Aline

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