Senior Living Resident Care Software

Senior living care management software that improves resident safety, staff efficiency and accounts for the services you deliver.

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Level Up the Care Experience and Save Labor Costs.

Our senior living resident care management software improves resident safety, staff efficiency and accounts for the services you deliver.

360° Resident Profiles

Keep your senior living care team on the same page with easy-to-access, real-time resident care profiles that provide easy access to critical information including allergies, health conditions, service requirements, and emergency contacts. Our assisted living management software captures personal notes and preferences to help your staff make a real connection with your seniors.

Custom Care Assessments

Resident care assessments are crucial to ensuring your service plan is comprehensive and that every associated cost is captured and billed. Our automated care assessments — customized for your organization — quickly capture and organize resident care needs and personal preferences, from dressing assistance to medication needs and everything in between.

Automated Service Plans

A resident care service plan and associated pricing, is automatically created based on the assessment responses. A detailed task schedule includes time allotments for each task so you can easily schedule and assign tasks to caregivers, and keep labor costs in check.

Mobile Companion Task App

Our point-of-care mobile task app empowers your staff to manage their work efficienctly and spend more time with residents. Caregivers can follow daily task schedules, record care, and note resident interactions in real time, for seamless transition between caregivers. Tasks performed outside of the service plan are recorded and automatically billed to ensure you capture every dollar of revenue and keep service plans current.


Mobile Incident Reporting

Document and report incidents from anywhere. Our mobile app features an intuitive guide that ensures that all critical information is reported. Automatic notifications can be sent to nurses and management, so issues can be resolved quickly. Incidence details can be tracked over time to identify trends and better manage risks.

Infection Management

Track infections and vaccinations in real-time to manage the spread of illnesses. Aline records critical data including symptom onset dates, test dates, and  immunizations for residents, staff or anyone who visits the community, so you can keep a close eye on the overall wellness of your community.

Aline Care is ONC Certified HIT. Find out more.

Benefits of Aline Senior Care Management Software

Capture Lost Revenue

Our assisted living management software provides a real-time connection between actual services delivered and billing to stop revenue leakage.


Elevate Resident Satisfaction

Mobile care delivery frees your staff from paper. With information at their fingertips, your staff is empowered to give the time and care your residents deserve.


Mitigate Health & Safety Risk

Easily document and manage illness outbreaks, incident reporting and delivery of services with the tap of a finger.


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