One Solution That Benefits Everyone

Aline was built with one goal: to help those managing operational aspects of a senior living community do their jobs better.

Whether you lead the sales team or you manage the care and experience of an individual resident, you need operationally efficiency. You need to see what’s actually happening in real time. And you need the ability to track and report on your performance effortlessly.

With Aline, those abilities are just the beginning.

Learn more about how Aline puts efficiency behind every aspect of  your management:



Aline offers an unprecedented level of transparency into performance at every strata of your organization — from the community level, all the way down to the individual team level.

See, connect, and optimize all of your operations.

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What you can do with Aline:

  • Automate administrative tasks to increase efficiency and profitability
  • Support business processes with centralized solutions that ensure workflow and information consistency
  • Achieve total visibility from portfolio-level all the way down to individual community teams
  • Support performance and compliance accountability between teams and individuals and connect every stakeholder in real time
  • Identify areas for improvement/ improve returns from open visibility into performance and real-time reporting
  • Create and maintain a culture of quality and compliance at every community.


When all of your community’s accounting and billing data is captured and standardized in a single place, you’d be surprised how many daily headaches disappear.

Aline lets you manage all of your financials simply and securely on a unified platform that unlocks better and faster decision-making. The ability to optimize is finally within reach.

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What you can do with Aline:

  • Manage all financials from a unified, integrated platform
  • Use controls and data to make better decisions, manage revenue, and improve asset value
  • Report on operations and financials and drill down into every aspect of the business — all via templates designed specifically for senior living
  • Unlock granular reporting and the ability to drill down into rates, occupancy, staffing, and revenue trends.
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs via data-driven decision-making
  • Optimize staffing, capture lost billing, reduce delinquencies, enhance care administration, and improve the resident experience while reducing labor costs


With operational costs on the rise, profitability is now more of a science than ever. Aline gives you the kind of panoramic oversight that you need to identify the most valuable cost-reduction and efficiency opportunities

Manage and align every aspect of your community. Simplify workflows, drive productivity, and connect all of your activity: human, technical, and operational.

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What you can do with Aline:

  • Manage all of your operations from a single, transparent vantage point designed wholly for senior living
  • Automate operational processes for simplicity, efficiency, and growth
  • Align all of your teams and improve communication using a single database
  • Drive portfolio-wide productivity for savings in time and labor
  • Provide real-time reporting from portfolio to community to individual level
  • Craft thoughtful resident experiences and deliver them consistently.
  • Manage and maintain your brand standards

Sales Teams

Empower your sales and marketing teams with a singular, connected view of prospect and resident data. Capture every lead and hone in on those who are most valuable, eliminate gaps in handover, and maintain a consistent culture of high performance.

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What you can do with Aline:

  • Achieve better, faster, more unified sales performance
  • Capture every lead and prioritize those with highest probability to close
  • Speed up close rates and time-to-occupancy
  • Bolster your sales culture and reduce turnover with virtual and in-person training sessions
  • Automate your outreach
  • Optimize your team activity to seize the highest-value opportunities
  • Measure your performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Maintain pricing integrity
  • Optimize spend on third-party referrals
  • Get the insights to optimize how time and money is spent for maximum impact

Care Teams

The key to great caregiving is personalization and consistency — something that’s only possible when all of your caregivers are on the same page. With Aline, your care teams can collaborate and deliver thoughtful, high-quality care with a simple system that’s built for ease of use.

Discover the kind of optimized, automated, connected caregiving experience that’s miles away from spreadsheets and point systems.

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What you can do with Aline:

  • Deliver better care experiences with single shared resident record and mobile care app
  • Improve safety and accuracy of medication management and administration
  • Keep staff labor costs and care balanced
  • Improve billing accuracy with real-time task documentation and billing updates
  • Align care teams, residents ,and their families around a super-accessible, easy-to-use platform
  • Create a connected community

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