Aline is Certified as a NIC Actual Rates Software Partner



Aline has partnered with National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) in their Seniors Housing Actual Rates Initiative. This important industry initiative helps senior housing operators, developers and investors make better decisions by updating industry benchmarks for suggested versus actual pricing rates, occupancy, and leasing activity by collecting data through Aline solutions and other participating software partners.

NIC Software Partners are those companies who have been certified as having successfully created standardized reporting that allows senior housing and care operators to report data easily and accurately. The certification, and the standardization it provides, makes reporting turnkey, thereby increasing the number of participating contributors. Broad industry participation enhances transparency and contributes to NIC’s ability to deliver on its mission of enabling access and choice in senior housing.

Aline customers may elect to participate in confidential data sharing by using Aline to collect and pass rent roll data to NIC.

NOTE: All NIC MAP Vision data reporting is confidential and reported only in the aggregate.

Benefits to Participation

  1. Receive complimentary Actual Rates Quarterly Report and benchmarking report which aggregates and compares your data to national and certain metro areas.
    Included in Actual Rates Data:

    In-place rates, move-in rates

    Leasing activity, as measured by monthly move-in and move-out velocities

  2.  Inform strategic planning efforts, especially with regards to discounting and growing NOI.
  3. Assist in day-to-day business operations and potentially shorten the sales cycle by increasing the ability to adjust rates more quickly.
  4. Save time. Actual Rates data is collected electronically directly from operators’ corporate  offices, removing the need for telephone calls to individual properties.
  5. Lower costs. Increased transparency decreases cost of capital and results in more  appropriate investment levels in seniors housing and care. If you are interested in submitting property data as part of the NIC data collection effort, please submit an inquiry form.

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