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Aline Benchmark Report: Key Findings From Q1 2024

Get the latest senior living industry insights to boost sales and marketing performance with the Aline Benchmark Report Q1 2024.

Amanda McGrory-Dixon, 17th May 2024

As part of our mission to bring you the insights you need to meet — and exceed — your sales and marketing goals, we brought you the Aline Benchmark Report 2023 for Senior Housing. Now with the first quarter of 2024 under wraps, we’re back with an update to keep you informed with the latest data. 

Featuring data across 309,000 industry-leading senior care units, the Aline Benchmark Report is the deepest, most comprehensive resource of its kind in the industry. This report looks at communities across independent living, assisted living, memory care, and life plan residential. Because these communities have their own market influences and conditions, we broke up the data by community type.  

If you haven’t already, make sure you download our Aline Benchmark Report 2023 for a full look at the industry’s deepest data resource. Now let’s review. 

Inquiries, Tours, and Move-Ins

Normalized for 100 units per month, average inquiries from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024 increased the most for independent living. In Q1 2023, inquiries averaged 32, but that figure jumped to 37 in Q1 2024.

A graphic showing that inquiries in the Aline Benchmark Report increased 16% in 2024 during the first quarter.

While inquiries increased for not only independent living but all community types, move-ins remained relatively stable, marking an opportunity for sales teams to analyze whether they’re optimizing their time with the right sales activities.

A graphic with a senior living professional and text that shares the most valuable results comes from face-to-face interactions.

Average Conversions

In this report, you’ll see that we not only shared average conversions across all inquiry methods, but we also broke it down by inquiry segment, including:  

  • Other/call-in 
  • Unpaid referrals 
  • Web 
  • Paid, online directory, and lead aggregators

With this data, you can see where you should invest your efforts. While some inquiry methods grew, others did not, so it’s worth reviewing how this data changes in the coming quarters and year.

Urban vs. Rural

It’s important to look at your performance metrics from a regional perspective. Given the population numbers and competition levels, you can’t apply the same performance standards across different regions.  

Interestingly, move-ins remained relatively stable across the regions. However, the inquiries varied drastically. Tours also varied between the rural and urban communities.

Method of Inquiry

Here, we examined the percentage of inquiry methods for call-ins, paid inquiries, unpaid inquiries, and web. Notably, web inquiries increased for all community types except life plan residential. While life plan residential saw a decrease in web inquiries, it did experience a 33% increase in call-ins.

A graphic with an arrow pointing upward with stats for the life plan residential market.

Put This Data Into Action

Of course, data is only helpful if you use it. But where do you start? Fortunately, we have plenty of resources to get you started. 

Erin Hayes, president of Aline, shares some of the biggest takeaways from our Benchmark Report. In a four-part video series, Hayes shares how to use this data to:

  • Leverage this data in your CRM. 
  • Properly analyze conversion rates. 
  • Differentiate your markets. 
  • Gain more leads with a contact center. 

We also spoke with Jayne Sallerson, president and COO of Senior Charter Living. During our exclusive video interview with Sallerson, she shared how she uses this data to not only move in more residents but also increase their lengths-of-stay.

Hint: Short sales cycles aren’t the answer to everything. Sallerson explains why you need to balance short sales cycles for longer sales cycles to achieve more sustainable growth.

Visit our Aline Benchmark Resource Center to get these valuable insights from these respected, seasoned senior living leaders.

Get the Aline Benchmark Report Q1 2024

For a complete set of the latest senior living sales and marketing data, download the Aline Benchmark Report Q1 2024 today.

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