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5 Signs You Need a Senior Living Management Software Upgrade

Stay ahead in this competitive market with an integrated software solution to operate at peak efficiency, maximize revenue, and enhance care.

Amanda McGrory-Dixon, 7th June 2024

The right senior living management software is more than a tool. A comprehensive senior living software solution provides you essential insights for enhancing care, optimizing operational efficiencies, maintaining profitable occupancy rates, and growing revenue — all of which are at the core of your business success. 

With so much on the line, relying on an outdated system puts your operation at a major risk, especially in an ultra-competitive market. If you’re feeling these top pains with your current system, it’s time for an upgrade.

1. Your Software Doesn’t Integrate Across the Organization

The senior living industry is too deeply connected for a patchwork of software solutions. Your sales and marketing team needs to easily communicate with the leasing and billing team to determine revenue-generating rates and the care team to ensure they can meet prospects’ needs. Likewise, the care team needs to immediately alert the billing team to changes in a resident’s acuity — and so forth.

So what happens when you fully integrate your teams into one connected solution? Each team drives outcomes that work toward transformational change across your entire organization.

  • Operations: You gain deeper visibility into your current level of service to make data-backed decisions for closing performance gaps and maintaining compliance standards across your portfolio.  
  • Accounting and billing: You improve billing accuracy, shorten the payment cycle, and reduce burdensome administrative tasks to maximize your revenue potential
  • Sales and marketing: You build a high-performing sales and marketing culture that optimizes the sales cycle to more effectively guide the right prospects from inquiry to move-in. 
  • Resident care and engagement: You spend more personal time with residents to deliver an exceptional care experience while streamlining staff efficiencies to reduce costly turnover.
A graphic showing integrated data for senior living management software maximizes revenue, improves care and efficiencies and optimizes the sales cycle.

2. It Wasn’t Purpose-Built for Senior Living 

Senior living comes with many nuances generic software doesn’t consider. This includes compliance and regulations, supplemental payor management, medication administration, resident engagement, and the emotional prospect journey. While generic software may not consider these workflows, they still require careful management, which means you’re stuck creating your own oversight systems with error-prone spreadsheets and other ineffective manual processes. 

However, purpose-built senior living software specifically works to solve these unique challenges. Every feature is designed with common senior living challenges in mind to fully optimize every business process and help you scale your growth.  

3. You Lack Real-Time Data and Mobile Access

Too many operators still turn to spreadsheets, which inherently lack reliable, immediate insights. Efficient, profitable senior living management requires real-time data to make more informed decisions for every facet of your business. If a resident’s health or safety is on the line, you don’t have time for delay — you must handle those critical situations immediately. 

In addition to health and safety issues, you need real-time data to accurately monitor trends, adjust services, and optimize operations. For resident satisfaction, real-time data allows you to make immediate improvements in service quality to enhance retention. On the operational side, real-time data helps you predict and manage resources more effectively for lower operational costs.  

Mobile access is especially important for your care team. Without mobile access, caregivers don’t have easy access to daily task tracking, individual care needs, incident reporting, and medication counts. If they need to make any acuity changes, they can’t immediately notify the billing team, which can turn into a costly oversight if they don’t communicate that care update.

4. Your Teams Experience Too Many Errors

Given the thin revenue margins in senior living, you have little room for costly errors. If these errors sound familiar, your current software system isn’t working.

  • Missing compliance and regulatory deadlines: Failing to meet these deadlines can result in hefty fines and legal issues, jeopardizing not only your financial stability but also your community’s reputation and operational licensure. 
  • Mishandling supplemental payor requirements: Incorrect handling can lead to delayed or denied payments, which directly limits your cash flow. 
  • Administering the wrong medication or dosage: This serious error can have dire consequences for resident health and potentially result in substantial legal liability. 
  • Charging residents for the wrong acuity levels or missing add-on services: Incorrect billing for resident care levels or missing charges for add-on services not only affects your revenue but can also erode trust and satisfaction among your residents and their families. 

5. You Have Unhappy Residents 

No matter how efficient your back-office processes are, you can’t run a successful senior living community with a high percentage of unhappy residents. Many factors play into the resident experience — from onboarding to managing payments and community services, activities, and amenities. Effectively managing these elements is crucial but challenging without the right tools. 

To keep a true pulse on your community, a centralized platform allows you to quickly address residents’ needs and preferences, respond to feedback, and adjust services to improve satisfaction and resident engagement. From caregivers to administrative staff, every team member can access a resident’s comprehensive profile to get the information they need to deliver an exceptional experience consistently.

How to Pick the Right Integrated Senior Living Management Software

These five signs aren’t just frustrations — they’re actively preventing you from maximizing your revenue, enhancing operational efficiency, and providing high-quality care. So how do you pick the right senior living management software solution to solve these problems?  

Download our free resource “Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Senior Living Software.” We’ll share how you can use Aline’s powerful, data-driven insights from our integrated suite to seamlessly run a profitable senior living community.

A man at his laptop looking at a senior living software buying guide to help him choose the right solution with text to the left.

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