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Delivering high-quality, personalized care for each resident at scale is at the core of your senior living business. But many operators still rely on complex management systems and physical paperwork to monitor care and medication administration, manage assessments and acuity changes, and communicate with family members. This quickly leads to staff burnout and errors, which come with devastating consequences to your residents’ well-being.

To ensure your residents receive the care they deserve while reducing staff turnover, an integrated senior living software solution is essential. Aline doesn’t just track your resident care and engagement initiatives — it integrates this critical data across your entire organization. From accounting and billing to operations and sales and marketing, Aline connects every process, ensuring seamless communication, better decision-making, and streamlined management.

In our free resource “Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Senior Living Software,” we reveal how to harness Aline’s robust, data-driven insights to:

  • Deliver better care and improve resident safety by leveraging time-based medication administration workflows and mobile incident reporting.
  • Control costs and prevent revenue leakage by capturing acuity changes and related fee adjustments in real time.
  • Enhance staff productivity and efficiency by automating resource management tools to increase caregivers’ time spent with residents while reducing administrative burdens.
  • Ensure successful onboarding for increased lengths-of-stay by connecting prospect-to-resident data, monitoring engagement, and effortlessly communicating with family.

“I have been using Aline Care for several years, and I have many favorite features, including how easy and fast it is to create a new resident dashboard.”

Jen Johnson
National Care Director
Atria Senior Living

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