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Explore the latest senior living trends with the Aline Benchmark Report Q1 2024. 

Accelerate Your Growth With Critical Industry Data 

Just released — the Aline Sales & Marketing Benchmark Report Q1 2024  for Senior Housing is here to help you grow your occupancy rates and ultimately maximize revenue!  

In this latest report, we looked at how industry-leading senior living operators performed across some of the most important sales and marketing KPIs. With these essential insights, you can compare your current metrics to see where you stand against competitors and optimize your performance by:  

  • Refining your sales and marketing strategies to focus on more impactful activities. 
  • Smartly leveraging resources on channels that produce results. 
  • Identifying opportunity gaps in your current plan.  

Equipped with the latest actionable insights, you have a helpful resource for enhancing your competitive advantage and boosting your revenue in this evolving, complex market.  

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The 2023 Aline Annual Sales & Marketing Benchmark Report for Senior Housing is here! Download Now!.