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Improve Sales & Marketing Performance With Data-Driven Insights

Access the deepest, most comprehensive senior living sales and marketing data to optimize your strategic efforts and exceed your goals with the 2023 Aline Benchmark Report.

Intuitive Metrics for Strategic Growth

It’s here — the 2023 Aline Annual Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report for Senior Housing brings you the right insights to accelerate your growth!

Pulling data across 309,000 industry-leading senior care units, the Aline Benchmark Report is the largest, most comprehensive sales and marketing guide available for senior living operators. With these deeper, more informed metrics, you have the intelligence you need to improve your sales and marketing performance by:

  • Developing more effective sales and marketing plans that get results.
  • Correctly assessing market share and properly allocating resources to help you better focus your time and efforts.
  • Evaluating areas for opportunity within your organization.
  • Better serving your prospective residents with a more thoughtful, streamlined approach to their sales and marketing journey.

With this actionable data, you have a clear roadmap to gaining a competitive edge and ultimately growing your revenue in this complex, challenging market.

Download your free copy of Aline’s Benchmark Report now.

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The 2023 Aline Annual Sales & Marketing Benchmark Report for Senior Housing is here! Download Now!.