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Heritage Senior Living Eliminates Lost Leads With Contact Center and CRM

Heritage Senior Living received a high level of daily inquiries and needed consistency in their data entry and reporting capabilities.

Amanda McGrory-Dixon, 6th July 2023

Heritage Senior Living is a senior living provider, founded in 2000. Today, the business  has 16 locations within Wisconsin that provide different levels of care, including independent living, enhanced assisted living, assisted living, and memory care.

The teams at Heritage wanted consistency in data entry and reporting capabilities. Without a comprehensive CRM, it could not gain the proper insights to compare or achieve industry benchmarks. The team at Heritage looked to Aline for a sales processes and data solution that could both capture and convert the high level of inquiries it received daily.


  • Heritage Senior Living implemented Enquire CRM by Aline to gain insight into referral sources and gain access to real-time data.
  • The CRM automatically captures all resident and prospect data, reducing internal staff workload.
  • The dedicated Contact Center teams and chat facilitate information-gathering early in the buying process.
  • By integrating Aline Marketing Automation, mass communications and additional profile data is made easy.

Tracking Performance

Access to Premium Reports helped  Heritage gain additional insight used by the sales and marketing teams to know where industry benchmark data stood and how to exceed it.

Determining Processes and Integrations

The process between the CRM and Contact Center created an easy workflow, so Heritage could eliminate lost leads, maintain higher inquiry volume, and decrease response time. By integrating with referral sources, such as A Place For Mom, the CRM populates additional information to assist in the sales process.

“I have worked in the senior living space for over 20 years; this system is by far the best, and the customer service is unmatched!”

-Kate Brunner, vice president of sales and marketing, Heritage Senior Living

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