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Understanding the Differences in eMAR Systems

Learn how Aline’s eMAR system built specifically for senior living improves resident safety.

Amanda McGrory-Dixon, 21st June 2021

eMAR systems (electronic medication administration records) helps senior living communities reduce errors, improve resident safety, and cut costs in ways that are impossible for facilities that rely on paper-based medication management. Today, a significantly more advanced solution, Aline eMAR, delivers additional safety features and benefits to provide greater value to operators and pharmacies alike.

One Scan for Multiple Medications

With Aline eMAR, caregivers can scan one barcode per pill pouch and account for the accuracy of all the contents in that pouch — including resident information, correct medications, and appropriate doses. This prevents the need to scan each medication individually, providing huge time savings and reducing the possibility of giving residents the wrong medication.

Flexible Barcode Scanning

Not all barcode scanners are created equal. This eMAR system supports total medication barcode scanning compliance across all residents. In other words, it can scan drugs from sources outside of your interfaced pharmacy, including mail-order and VA prescriptions.

Works Offline Indefinitely

While some systems will work offline for a limited time, eMAR continues to work throughout the loss of network connectivity and automatically syncs data when the connection is restored. This crucial capability further promotes patient safety, data security, and ensures the integrity of your record keeping in the event of a power outage, a natural disaster, an evacuation, or other unforeseen loss of network connection.

A More Sophisticated Pharmacy Integration

Aline eMAR boasts a higher level of integration and can easily manage more complex orders. Examples include prescription refills that require a new Rx number, and prescriptions that have alternating or tapering doses. Not only a timesaver, eMAR’s integration with pharmacy systems promotes additional order accuracy and appropriateness.

Top Notch Support

eMAR assumes responsibility for all support 24/7 from implementation throughout the life of our partnership. The eMAR team has extensive knowledge of more than 13 pharmacy systems, and trainers are available to work on site to help every user master the community-pharmacy order exchange. Our senior living and pharmacy partners alike can rely on eMAR to help them reach the highest level of success in the shortest time.

Learn more about the value and benefits that only Aline eMAR delivers. Get a free demo and see for yourself.

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