Aline Leads the Way for the Future of Senior Living

Connected data and a customer-centric approach set the path for senior living communities’ success in 2024.

Amanda McGrory-Dixon , December 4, 2023

Amanda McGrory-Dixon

Since launching Aline after the merger of three industry-leading companies, Enquire Solutions, Glennis Solutions, and Sherpa CRM, we’ve been focused on introducing a connected suite of purpose-built, single data software that manages all aspects of senior living. From sales and marketing to operations, leasing, billing, and resident care, our software unites your most critical workflows in one simplified interface to help you run at peak efficiency.

Recently, we hosted a webinar, “Aline on the Future of Senior Living,” where we heard from Brad Frasher, chairmen and CEO; Erin Hayes, president; Matt Jesperson, chief customer officer; and Jonathan Blackburn, chief revenue officer. The team reflected on our customer success priorities over the last year and discussed how Aline will support your senior living community as we move to 2024 and beyond.

The Future of CRM

By integrating three companies, Aline has the necessary resources to invest in a better solution that manages the full resident life cycle, and we’ve put our customers at the center of our journey as we develop new innovations and product enhancements.  

“We’ve been really hard at work integrating the three companies and creating a customer-first culture,” Frasher said. “We’re doing that by listening and building features that enhance the day-to-day lives of our customers. We want to align our goals with our customers’ goals. That’s how we both win.” 

In fact, Hayes noted that we’ve talked with more than 70% of our customers to understand their most pressing needs. Based on that feedback, we have prioritized our upcoming enhancements and innovations to set the foundation of a customer-centric future roadmap.

Specifically, customers have repeatedly told us they need help preventing team member turnover, which calls for maintaining consistent software adoption and usage, Jesperson said. This requires extensive training and expert guidance. We’ve invested in producing a full suite of comprehensive e-learning resources, including online courses, recorded videos, weekly open training sessions, and private training services. 

Beyond our new training resources, we’re also focused on delivering expert-led guidance by pairing our customers with customer success managers who directly come from the senior living industry. Our customer success managers have faced your same difficult challenges. They know how to optimally implement and adopt the Aline suite to help you get the most from our system, and they have the experience to guide you through every step of the process.

To further simplify the new Aline solution, our roadmap does not include a forced migration and builds upon your current CRM.  

“To be clear, this is not a new CRM,” Hayes said. “If you’re an existing customer, you can be confident that we’re investing in what you already own. We’ll be adding improvements to the user experience; we’ll be introducing more capabilities, like AI and lead scoring; and we’ll be drawing on the most powerful features from our combined product library and putting those within each CRM.” 

Adding Value and Optimizing Outcomes

As our customers look to 2024, we asked them to share their biggest challenges. According to our webinar poll, the top challenges for the upcoming year are:

An infographic of a pie chart showing the top senior living challenges of 2024 based on webinar attendees.

To help with these challenges, we’re not just investing in the CRM. We’re also building a much broader set of capabilities to connect the entire organization together by delivering a single data source across all teams. With a more unified data source, you have the actionable insights you need to make more informed decisions, improve operational performance, and provide better care.  

“As a former operator, I have a deep understanding of what our customers are searching for,” Frasher said. “They want a system that makes their lives easier and a partner to help them on their mission to better resident outcomes.”

So how can you leverage Aline’s full suite of senior living data? These are just a few of the ways you can get the most of a truly connected experience across your organization.

  • Compare and analyze data among different stakeholders and make decisions from a real-time data set to ensure you adhere to regulations.  
  • Access data sharing that extends throughout the full lifecycle of residents — from the first point of contact to move out — to deliver exceptional resident care and experiences at scale.  
  • Simplify your medicine management workflows with a new eMAR interface. 
  • Unite and streamline your billing with a new resident payments solution.

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What to Expect From an Aline Partnership

With our customer-centered approach, we are constantly refining our onboard and training programs to help you quickly realize the value of the Aline system. If you have any questions, our customer success team is ready to immediately address any questions or issues, and we’ve heavily invested in simplifying our software’s interface for a smoother user experience.  

We also want to hear directly from our customers. As we move forward, we’re exploring new customer engagement channels to ensure your voice is heard and provide greater transparency on our end. 

“We’re our customers’ secret sauce behind the scene,” Jesperson said. “Through this year, we’ve refined our executive business reviews and the way we organize and distribute performance benchmarks and communicate best practices. We have a new monthly distribution of product updates and adoption metrics to ensure you know where opportunities are, what is coming down with the roadmap, and our assurance that you’re not just using the system well but that you’re actually meeting your goals and initiatives that you’ve articulated to us.”

Watch the Webinar Recording

Did you miss the webinar and want to learn more about how you can benefit from Aline’s powerful suite of products? We have your back — the webinar recording is available on demand. 

Visit our webinar replay to learn more about how we’re invested in your senior living community’s future success.  

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